Here is an example of a SUNDAY WEDDING TIMELINE, Kindly ADJUST the times below to suit you, delete anything and add anything in that we may have skipped. Please copy and paste it into an email back to us.

12noon : Arrive and unpack (Groomsmen to unpack alcohol into the drinks shed, Bridesmaids to unpack decor into Chandelier room) Bride to hang up her wedding dress in the Bridal suite.

12noon Florist delivers Flowers and sets up any floral decor

12noon Wedding Cake is delivered to the chandelier room and decorated with cake stand, cutters and cake topper. Cake plates & forks set out etc. (Cake delivery person to text 703 6877641 when they are 30minutes away and again on arrival)

12h15 Groom to kindly hand Greenock Management envelope with your damage deposit, printed copy of your ABC license and your marriage license for your officiant.

1pm Quick 15min ceremony rehearsal (bridal party to meet at the Piano including the person walking the Bride down the isle-the Bride does not need to rehearse as her walk is guided by the person leading her down the isle)

1h30pm Final touches of decor for wedding (Bridesmaids and family to check)

2hpm Light lunch snacks for the Bridal Party (self catered, delivered etc)

2pm Photographer arrives for grounds tour with Coordinator

2pm Caterer, DJ and all vendors arrive on site for set up (DJ and Caterer to text 703 687 7641 on arrival)

2h15 Photographer takes pics of rings/bouquet and wedding dress

2h30 Photographer shoots Bride and Bridesmaids upstairs in bridal suite

2h45pm Photographer shoots First Look with Bride and (Father or Grandparents) Upstairs in the Manor House OR in Fireplace Living Room downstairs.

3pm Photographer shoots Groom and Groomsmen

3pm Bridal party cleans up ALL personal items and trash from the honeymoon suite and makes sure its 100% only the brides items in the room. PACK up EVERYTHING ELSE 100% clean.

3h30pm DJ to play background music for guests to arrive

3h45 All bridal party line up downstairs in Manor House in order ready to go! (Got your boutonnieres and bouquets?)

4pm Wedding Ceremony

4h35 Photographer Hour and Cocktail Hour

5h35 Bride and Groom escape to Honeymoon suite for a restroom break/makeup touch up/quick break

5h45 DJ announces: Guests to all be seated in the Wedding Reception area

6pm Bride and Groom (or full Bridal party) are welcomed to the Wedding Reception (type up list of names in order to be called in advance, make sure your DJ has this list)

6h15 Thank you speeches are said (please provide list of name of who is saying speeches)

6h30 Grace / Prayer (Please mention the name of the person doing this)

6h30 Dinner is served

7h30 First Dance, Father Daughter Dance, Mother Son dance

7h45pm Dance floor is opened!

8h15 Throwing of the Bouquet, Throwing of the Garter

8h30pm Cutting of the Wedding Cake

9h30pm DJ to announce last round at the bar (and location for after party)

9h45 DJ to play last song

10pm Sparkler ‘Guests Send-Off’ on front grass (this takes at least 20min)

10h30pm Photographer leaves (Chanel needs to know when they are booked to leave)

10h30 (all guests depart from venue except those staying over night to prevent additional venue hire charged)

10 -11pm Full clean up of the wedding venue, packing up of all decorations, cleanup of the bar area, full trash removal


8am Wake up

8h45am Clear all trash from the bedroom and bathrooms and dispose into a trash can outside Bridal suite

9am Pack cars and check the grounds for any trash or decor that may have been missed from the previous night

9h20 Kindly report any damages or breakages to Greenock Management by texting 703 687 7641

9h30 Check out Greenock

Obviously no Wedding Timeline is set in stone – it may fluctuate naturally a little here or there. It is hence the job of your wedding planner or on the day coordinator to adjust the timeline accordingly and liaise these changes with all the vendors throughout your wedding day. Be welcome to copy and paste this timeline and adjust it according to your own preferences and times and email it back to us to look over for you. We wish you every bit of joy and many happy memories for your wedding day.

Wedding Timeline