The special day you have both been waiting for is about to arrive! Congratulations! To take off some pressure and help a little here is your last minute wedding survival kit check list :

  1. Have you got your wedding rings?
  2. Make sure to pack in your printed copy of your Marriage License
  3. A copy of your wedding vows
  4. Thank you gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen
  5. Cash for tips for your wedding vendors (read this article for tipping advise:
  6. List of names for the order of who walks in what order at the wedding ceremony processional (this is important to reduce stress at the wedding rehearsal so have it ready)
  7. List of important music to be played by the DJ (save a copy of this on your phone)
  8. Copies of any speeches being said
  9. Damage deposit in an envelope to hand on arrival to your wedding venue
  10. Have you got your ABC license and have your emailed it over to your venue
  11. A printed copy of your Wedding Timeline to have with you in the Bridal Suite (be sure to take a pic with your phone too) this will reduce all your aunties, cousins and family members repeatedly asking you questions
  12. Non Alcoholic refreshments (for later in the evening to be kept in the bridal suite) to prevent dehydration (Bottled water is good)
  13. Cake Cutters and Cake Topper
  14. Long length Zip ties in white color to safely attach or secure decor or florals at the wedding venue
  15. Seating plan for guests if there is one
  16. Safety pins for any dress emergencies
  17. A second pair of wedding reception shoes that are comfy to dance in (you will want to change into these when your feet get tired)
  18. Head tablets or tummy tablets (in case of nerves)
  19. Cell phone charger
  20. Steam Iron for the wedding dress
  21. Dressing gown and slippers so you are comfy while getting ready
  22. Pack your smile and rally the troupes (everyone close to you who is involved with your wedding day) to all be happy – the wedding day passes quickly so please make a pack with those closest to you for only smiles and hugs allowed all round!

We wish you a beautiful, blessed and happy wedding day that will be remembered always!

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