When planning your wedding, this special day is by far probably the most important event you will ever put together. The difference between this event and all others is not only the expensive financial investment of this event, but also the deep emotional investment of this special day. Weddings and elopements usually cost anything from $2000 to $50 000 and simply because of that we can’t stress the importance enough of having wedding insurance.
At Greenock Manor we have our own insurance, however we ask all our couples to please take out event insurance irrespective for their own personal protection. Many of your wedding vendors may (and should have) their own insurance, however not all will cover your possible unforeseen costs or expenses. You will need a wider range of protection and cover that your vendor’s policy (such as your caterer or photographer’s policy) may not cover. The good news is that there are a range of cheaper to more expensive wedding insurance options – any wedding and event insurance policy that you take out is better than none.
There may also be a range of unforeseen or unexpected scenarios that could occur at your wedding or event, some of which could be :

  • Missing or lost wedding gifts
  • Damage to the wedding dress or your personal property or the property of your guests
  • Loss of the rings or any special jewelry worn on the wedding day (we hope this never happens!)
  • Photographers could possibly (hopefully not!) lose wedding photos due to equipment malfunction (requiring a second expensive replacement shoot)
  • Illness or sickness or any tragedy resulting in any important persons not being able to attend the wedding
  • Cancellation or postponement of your wedding (loss of wedding venue hire deposits or venue fees)
  • Possibly vendors that you have paid for your wedding who could close their businesses and no longer exist by the time your wedding date arrives
  • Damage to the venue or venue decor and event items caused by your wedding guests
  • Damages or injury caused by your guests consuming alcohol at your wedding
  • Damages or injury to your guests not related to alcohol consumption (other)

Please review these reasons and take out a wedding insurance policy. This will give you and your family peace of mind, and it is worth the considerably small extra cost for good protection. An idea is to ask your own homeowners insurance company if they are willing to insure your wedding – or otherwise look up wedding insurance companies and get in a few quotes. There are two wedding insurance companies listed on our wedding FAQ page with starting prices for their wedding insurance options (event liability and event cancellation policies) of around $150 and up.
We chose to write this article so that our couples are informed out of care for them. We want you and your family to have a beautiful and happy day with no hiccups or anything unforeseen to worry about. Plan for the unexpected and go ahead and take out a policy – peace of mind and that extra protection is honestly worth every cent paid and could end up saving your money and protecting the family piggy bank 😉

Greenock Manor Wedding Insurance