The proposal is by far one of the most romantic moments and this is really the beginning of where wedding planning kicks off and starts! The first thing one needs to understand is that not all of us are experienced event planners. Some couples may be realtors, insurance experts, marketing executives and many many more. Hence it makes perfect sense (unless your career is in events) that there is so much involved when putting together a beautiful and successful wedding – you may need professional help or support

At Greenock Manor we have held over 1000 events and (probably) seen it all 😉 Hence, to protect our couples we ask that they please make use of at least a Day of Co-odinator if they are not hiring a full Wedding Planner to assist them. We want your wedding to be beautiful, special and as stress free as possible. Should you need one please ask us as we have a team on standby and are happy to hire a wedding coordinator for you both.

An On the Day Coordinator will cover the following tasks for you:

  1. Assisting with recommending vendors or getting in quotes from various wedding vendors
  2. Having a meeting in person or over the phone to go over a possible wedding budget to make sure you don’t go to far over budget when selecting vendors and planning your wedding.
  3. Make sure your DJ, Photographer and Caterer understand the rules and exactly what’s needed from the time they arrive at Greenock Manor till closing at the end of the night.
  4. Manage your wedding ceremony rehearsal before the wedding with your full bridal party. Usually we run through the ceremony twice just so everyone feels confident and comfortable and knows exactly what to expect on the wedding day. Kindly draw up a list of who walks with who and have this ready on arrival at Greenock.
  5. Build your wedding timeline prior to your wedding and then make sure your photographer, DJ and caterer have a copy on the day of arrival. Please make sure your photographer uses the main wedding timeline and merges what they are doing with the master wedding timeline so that everything is in one place (not multiple timelines)
  6. Assists with finalizing the final seating plan so that the right amount of chairs and tables are set up at the reception and ceremony before you arrive at the venue. (small tweaks are possible if you have last minute cancellations and those are sorted and adjusted on arrival of our couples)
  7. Doing a tour with your DJ, Photographer and Caterer before your wedding so that they are familiar with the venue and feel confident on the wedding day.
  8. Overseeing and managing your wedding vendor teams on the day of your wedding. Welcoming them on arrival and doing a brief with them on arrival and handling and questions that may arise throughout your wedding.
  9. Overcoming any last minute challenges that may arise on your wedding day
  10. Suggesting any possible rain plan and briefing the vendors in case there is a rain plan so that everyone is on the same page and works well together as a team
  11. Managing and updating any time changes that occur during the wedding and briefing the vendors on those time changes. All timelines run a little early or late and the photographer and DJ or master of ceremonies will need to be briefed on any time changes throughout the event.
  12. General watch of the event to make sure that where possible venue rules are followed
  13. Managing the breakdown and check out lists on the wedding day for all the vendors so that as little as possible is left for the couple or their family to do once the event has ended.

In general your Wedding Coordinator will need to be fast on their feet (similar to the roadrunner in Looney Tunes) and an excellent multi tasker with good communication skills. They will have your back and be your go to person throughout your special day to take the pressure off you both and just be that necessary buffer so that the two of you can focus on each other, have a special time together and just enjoy your wedding without worries or interruptions. Leave the running to the bird below!

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