One more thing to chat about as a couple and make a decision on is the order of the Wedding Processional! The Wedding processional refers to the order of who walks in what order down the isle at the beginning of your wedding ceremony. This group of special people usually include your wedding officiant, bridal party, flower girl, ring bearer and sometimes can also include mom’s and grandparents who are ushered down the isle and seated.

At Greenock Manor in order to help and advise we suggest the following order for your Wedding Processional :

  • Your wedding DJ starts to play background music 30minutes before ceremony start time so there is ambience for your special day to start as guests are arriving
  • DJ announces guests are to take their seats at the ceremony site
  • DJ starts playing the song chosen for the processional


  • First out the door is your Wedding Officiant
  • Next is our host ‘Mr Right’ the Groom!


  • We then suggest any grandparents walk down the isle (this is optional)
  • Next up Mom(s) and or the Groom’s dad if present (chat to any parents about this)


  • Then the bridal party of bridesmaids and groomsmen (please have the Maid of Honor and Best Man walk out the door first)
  • then any flower girls and ring bearers (if they are very young have their mom’s on standby)


  • At this point your DJ tapers the music down to silence and your Wedding Officiant asks the guests to please stand out of respect for our Bride to arrive.
  • The wedding DJ then starts the Brides special song and the Bride then walks down the isle


We feel two songs are sufficient and easier for the processional however you can also have 3 songs if preferred. We also feel that bridesmaids and groomsmen should walk in pairs – however you can have ‘the groomsmen walk down separately to their own song’ and then the bridesmaids walk to another song. This is entirely up to you to decide.

Traditionally we have the Bride and Bridesmaids line up to the LEFT of the wedding officiant and the Groom and Groomsmen line up on the RIGHT of the officiant. The reason for this tradition is that the Bride stands to the Left of the Groom as that is the side of his heart 🙂

Please type up a list of names of who is walking in the processional and in what order and have this saved on your phone ready for your wedding ceremony rehearsal on arrival at Greenock Manor. This will reduce any stress and debates on the day of the rehearsal 😉 as it will all be predetermined and everyone will know who walks with who and in what order. Make sure you know who is ushering any mom(s) or grandparents if needed. They will be seated in the front row. If any kiddies in the bridal party are of a very young age its best once they have walked down the isle that they join their parents and are seated (and not expected to stand up front) If kiddies are a little older and more confident then yes of course they can stand up front during the ceremony with the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

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