Are you celebrating your wedding this year? If that is the case nerves may at some point start setting in! All your vendors play a very important role on the success of a stress free wedding. In case some of you are new at this, your vendors could be the following : DJ, Florist, Wedding Planner, Day of Co-Ordinator/Vendor Co-Ordinator, Photography Team, Videography Team, Officiant or Pastor and most importantly the Catering Team. To help our brides and grooms and their families I have put together some  Wedding DJ Guidelines for you.

The DJ plays a very vital role to create atmosphere at the wedding. From when the guests arrive to when they depart -the mood is set with background music as well as your favorite and most special wedding songs that are played during key moments at your wedding. Your DJ would have a cordless microphone as part of his equipment, and he or she would make key announcements throughout the wedding and basically play the role of Master of Ceremonies. This may not seem important – until its missing! So don’t omit!

Wedding guests do need to know ‘what is happening when and where’ throughout the wedding -we wouldn’t want them to feel insecure 😉  The announcements add a professional touch and streamline co-ordination of events such as throwing of the bouquet, cutting of the wedding cake etc. His or Her (ie. Mr or Mrs DJ’s) role would also be announcing last round at the bar, safety rules such as where smoking areas are etc. Should you have more than 75 guests please ask your DJ permission for your Officiant or Pastor to use his cordless microphone during the ceremony.

Any questions, we are only an email or text message away – please text 703 687 7641 for any questions regarding your upcoming wedding.

We have compiled the following list to forward to your DJ to assist in your wedding day going smoothly.


  1. All vendors including the DJ is to arrive a minimum of 2 hours before the ceremony starts. For example, should the ceremony start at 4pm the DJ is to arrive no later than 2pm to set up.
  2. Please wear your smile – this always helps ease any nerves from the bridal family. We are here to celebrate something very special and hence all vendors work together as a team.
  3. All vendors, including the DJ are required (it is mandatory) if they have not worked at Greenock Manor before and are not on our preferred vendor list on our website, to visit Greenock Manor and do a short guided site tour with a member of staff at Greenock Manor. Please note no unaccompanied tours are allowed. Kindly ask your DJ to call Greenock Manor and set up an appointment with us for a visit.
  4. All DJ’s are to be licensed and insured, bridal families are to check these before hiring their DJ.
  5. On the day of the wedding, the DJ is to call us when he arrives in our driveway on 703 687 7641 in order for us to direct him to a drop off area that is closest to the house for his equipment
  6. Once off loaded the DJ is to ask a Greenock Manor staff member where to park. Please note all vendors are allocated a specific parking spot. Please note wedding guests will get prioritized parking
  7. In case of rain the DJ is to please provide his own canopy cover for his equipment to protect it.
  8. For parties of 150 guests or more the DJ is to supply his own DJ Table.
  9. Please make sure you the DJ have a copy of the Wedding Timeline on your phone
  10. Kindly dress neatly (NO HOODIES) as the bridal families and guests will be dressing up for the very special occasion.
  11. Kindly check out with a Greenock Manor staff member when you are ready to leave at the end of the night.


Should the DJ run extension cords across any walking areas at Greenock Manor they are to be COVERED BY TAPE to avoid guests and staff tripping. The DJ is to secure wires to the floor with sufficient tape. Should you NOT have tape you will NOT be allowed to run cords. Hence: Please bring tape – it is a really good idea unless your equipment is solar powered 😉 Just in case I am not clear : YES BRING TAPE. And one more time : Bring tape. (am feeling so happy right now as all our DJ’s will bring tape sighh…)

It is recommended that the DJ brings along 2 sound systems. One smaller one for the ceremony and the main larger one for the reception (to prevent downtime between ceremony and reception) Don’t be upset – I said ‘recommended’.

Please bring along a cordless microphone as this may be needed by the officiant, for speeches or saying grace by the bridal family. You will also need it to make announcements throughout the wedding (such as throwing the bouquet etc)

For rain plan kindly bring along an extra 100ft of extension cords (in case needed) Kindly also bring your own DJ Table Cloth as it looks professional and hides bundles of wires etc under your DJ Table. Should you not have one rent one from us $20 to be paid in cash on arrival please.


  1. Kindly play background music for ambience while guests are arriving ideally 45min before the ceremony starts
  2. Talk to the bride and groom about their song choice for the ceremony and reception
  3. Decide on music for cocktail hour as background music
  4. Once cocktail hour/photography hour is finished, kindly announce for the guests to take their seats in the reception dinner area.
  5. Welcome back the bridal party and or just the bride and groom (with microphone) Discuss this with the bride and groom and find out how they prefer doing this, choice of bridal introduction song(s) order of names to be called etc.
  6. Other announcements and songs may include some or all of the following :
  • First Dance
  • Mother Son Dance
  • Father Daughter Dance
  • Throwing of the bouquet and or garter
  • Saying grace before dinner
  • Doing toasts and speeches
  • Dinner is to be served (later do a call for anyone wanting seconds)
  • Please announce where the smoking section is (if applicable if any guests are smokers)
  • Cutting of the cake
  • Last round at the bar – get the time for this (and mention please don’t drink and drive!)
  • Last song and please wish the guests good night
  • Sparkler send off (to be done in the front garden on the grass near front door)

Any questions? Kindly call Greenock Manor on 703 687 7641 or email us on

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