Every bride wants her wedding day to be unique and remembered forever. Our most recent bride and groom most certainly made their special day unforgettable. On meeting Josie and Mathew, they informed us with a twinkle in their eyes that they were throwing themselves out of an airplane in their wedding attire to seal their marriage!

This was most certainly a first for us, and Skydive Orange is across the road from Greenock Manor, set to work to make this special wedding idea a reality.skydive orangeOur wonderful couple set out on their adventure as single people, and much to our relief and that of their anxious parents- they both made it safely back to planet earth in one piece!

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A short drive across the road, our wedding guests made their way to Greenock Manor. The wedding reception was held on our gorgeous spacious wooden deck which was luckily under roof and perfectly sheltered from gentle summer rainfall on that day. Josie’s color choice was pink and black and she wanted a relaxed country feel – easy for us to accomplish due to our farmland setting and country environment.

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The guests celebrated on the deck with champagne and music, while the bridal party had their wedding photo shoot in our majestic gardens. Their idea was a casual yet chic wedding and this was most certainly achieved.

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Our wonderful in-house catering team Ashly Kaye’s cooked up a storm for the hungry guests. Josie and Mathew had chosen the wedding barbeque menu to ‘marry’ perfectly with their country theme. Most delightful of all (in my personal opinion was the cheesecake wedding cake topped by C-3PO and his robot soul mate R2-D2 from Star Wars of course!

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Thank you to Josie and Mathew for choosing us as their wedding venue in celebration of such a special day. We wish you a wonderful lifetime together filled with cherished memories and happy times. Please visit us to celebrate your one year wedding anniversary- the honeymoon suite is waiting for you both!

For couples looking for possible Wedding Venue in the heart of the countryside – please call us or email us to quote. We would love to assist you and plan your special day.

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