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Weddings at Greenock Manor

Creating Unique and Unforgettable Memories!

Searching for a weddings venue in the countryside? Whether you’ve always dreamed of a lavish reception or a light-hearted outdoor ceremony nestled in a pastoral landscape, Greenock Manor will fulfill every dream your heart has desired in terms of a wedding location and wedding venue. Built in the 1800’s we are situated in the heart of Northern Virginia’s Wine Country and we can accommodate your every desire in our versatile reception spaces, expansive dining room, sun-splashed wrap around terrace with huge back decking area or festive outdoor rolling lawns.

Our Wedding event packages are listed below. Please contact our wedding planning and events team HERE for inquiries or simply call us on (703) 687 7641.

find a wedding venue virginiaTo assist you here are some basic answers to potential questions you may have as well as some of our rules :

Can I set up an appointment to explore Greenock Manor?
Kindly TEXT us on 703 687 7641 or EMAIL US and we will be very happy to arrange a time suitable for you to explore our beautiful venue. Monday to Thursday we are available 11am till 6pm, and Sundays 12noon till 6pm. Please if you TEXT or CALL tell us your PREFERRED MONTH and YEAR and ESTIMATED GUEST count as that helps us give an accurate quote.

Times for your event
Although we are very happy to work according to your preferred schedule, we do need to point out that music and the event needs to stop by 11pm according to the laws of the town of Orange, Virginia. If you do decide to have an evening wedding we suggest starting no later than 5pm. Please be aware that ‘after parties’ need to be arranged off site, and are strictly not allowed at Greenock Manor. All over time is charged at $200 per hour exceeding the agreed end time of the event on the night of the wedding and checkout time the next morning.

Can we arrange to get dressed on location for our wedding?
We suggest booking our Garden Cottage or Apartment as a convenient solution for the Groomsmen to get ready away from the Manor House on your Wedding day. The ‘2 bedroom apartment’ can be booked up as early as 1 year in advance – book early to avoid disappointment! The Honeymoon suite is used for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready in. Should pullout beds or cots be needed for extra overnight guests we have 3 available charged at $49 plus tax per pullout per night.

Is a Wedding Planner needed?
It is compulsory that you use a wedding planner or ‘On the Day Co-ordinator’ to assist in a memorable event for your special day. Chat to us about this and we will advise you. One person is necessary to fulfill this very important and necessary function. We are here to support you and when we advise on things like this it is because we want your day to go smoothly and that you have the wedding of your dreams (with no hiccups!) You are welcome to use your own wedding planner/co-ordinator or a Greenock Staff member is available to play this role should you need her to liaise and co-ordinate your wedding for you as an ‘on the day vendor co-ordinator’. Ask us about our On the Day Wedding Co-ordinating services.

Is additional Events Insurance needed?
Greenock Manor has its own liability insurance, however it is strongly advised that additional event insurance is taken out by the bride and groom in case of any mishaps, unforeseen circumstances or accident. Please see the following link: or see :

How does set up before the event and clean up after the event work?
These are arranged with your Catering Team so please discuss this with them. According to the rules at Greenock Manor per 20 guests attending your wedding, 1 catering staff member is needed for serving and attending to guests as well as for full cleanup after the event ends. Our wedding venue does not have dumpsters so all catering trash and other trash needs to be cleared from our premises by your caterer. Collection of any rented items, personal items or décor items needs to be collected no later than 10am the following day. Please be aware that Greenock Manor will not be responsible for any personal items left behind during or after your wedding or special event. All items are your sole responsibility. Any additional clean up needed and not attended to by your chosen caterer or bridal party will be charged to your account at a rate of $200 per hour. Please ask us for our event check out list, it is advisable that your caterer calls us to discuss their required duties at Greenock Manor before you confirm them as your caterer. All Caterers who have not worked at Greenock previously need to visit us for a walk through of Greenock Manor no later than 6 months before the wedding date. Weddings are to be beautiful and special occasions, hence professional catering service cannot be compromised on.

Cancellation Policy and Payments
The retainer payments and all deposits are strictly non-refundable
and once the balance due to us has been paid it is non-refundable. The retainer payments secure and books off the dates chosen for your wedding. Please pay your 50% of the full event rental fee which is the retainer to secure the chosen event date for venue hire as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Please note that once the retainer is paid over, we turn away other potential couples who may have wanted your dates and hence payment of any retainer or deposit has to be done responsibly as we do not we refund any deposit monies or retainers and installments. Should you request ‘a payment plan’ instead of paying 50% retainer upon booking and reserving the date of the wedding – we are happy to assist you with that, your first installment would then be $500 which secures your date. Please note this means you are required to pay a MONTHLY installment to us till 50% non refundable retainer has been paid to us and all other monies due. The full balance due for your event then needs to be paid to us in full 30 days prior to your reserved wedding or event date. Should you decide to skip payments this could result in automatic cancellation of your wedding date. Depending on when you cancel your wedding you will be liable for a minimum of 50% of the total agreed event fee. Please note all couples who book our venue are to supply us with card details for us to hold on file until your event, we reserve the right to make charges of monies due to us. Changes to event dates need written permission from Greenock Manor, should you change your event date all monies paid to Greenock for the new event date will be non-refundable. Please note Greenock Manor owners reserve the right to cancellation due to extreme weather, emergencies or any other concerns. Please understand that this is our venue and home and we reserve the right to cancel should we feel that the bridal party is non-compliant with our rules for events etc.

Babysitting and pet sitting
Please note one room of our Manor house is needed to be reserved for babysitting should young children be attending your wedding. Please note strictly no children are to attend a wedding without a designated baby sitter and responsible adult. They are to be supervised at all times. We are not liable for any mishaps, injury or accidents – The bride and groom will be solely responsible for arranging responsible supervision of all children at events and weddings at Greenock Manor.

Confirmation number of guests
We need the number of guests confirmed 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. Please note should your guest list increase after the agreed amount and your wedding event contract is signed, there will be a $20 fee added per extra guest above your initial guest count. (this also applies to the rehearsal dinner). Please understand that more staff will be needed by your caterer to manage higher guest counts. Kindly note we are currently doing weddings for up to a max of 130 guests. Should you invite 150 you should expect about 130 guests to attend.


Kindly note that it is the law that Event Tax and Sales Tax be charged to your final account. This is paid over to the town, county and state on your behalf by the venue. This is not negotiable as it is the law so kindly understand and respect this.

What is your smoking policy?
Kindly note that all indoor, tent, balcony, dance floor areas and gardens are strictly non-smoking. Should any of your guests wish to smoke kindly let us know and we will designate a specific smoking area for them. Please note that due to potential fire hazard there is a penalty of $500 for smoking of guests in any of our non-smoking areas so please communicate very clearly with your guests to prevent any penalty being added to your account. Smoking is not allowed within 20 feet of any door or window on our property. No Smoking in our PARKING LOTS. (please add this to your wedding invitation if concerned)

Can we take photos any where on the premises?
Yes, we are more than happy for you to have full use of the premises for any photos you would like taken. If you book your wedding with us you can do your engagement shoot at Greenock for no extra charge.

Can we post a sign at the entrance to our event?
You are more than welcome to use our sign board or your own one at the entrance to Greenock Manor should you wish to erect a temporary sign to direct your guests. Please remove this the following day- do not forget. The fee to remove balloons and signs from our entrance is $20 to be charged to your account should you not do this on leaving after your wedding.

Can we book a rehearsal for our wedding ceremony?
Kindly book a day to rehearse your ceremony with us at Greenock Manor, the rehearsal should ideally occur within 7 days of your event date. The Wedding rehearsal usually takes 20min to one hour max for larger bridal parties.

Can we set up a bar or have alcohol at our Wedding?

Please check these details with your caterer as you will need a bar tender to supervise and manage your bar. If you supply and bring in your own alcohol for your guests you will need to obtain an ABC License in advance for your wedding from the VA Special Event Banquet License application. Kindly see this link here

This is easy to obtain, but we do recommend arranging it ideally 60 days before your event although it usually only takes a few weeks to obtain. You will need to take along a copy of the signed Wedding Events Contract when applying for your ABC license so have a copy of this handy! Please let us know if you need us to hire a bar tender for your event. We have staff available if needed. Also note we do NOT allow liquor at our venue, but do allow champagne, wine and beer or cider. (one signature drink for cocktail hour can be requested so please speak to us). Please note Guests are NOT allowed to bring in any alcohol as this is against the law. Should you have alcohol for both Friday and Saturday you need to extend and have a valid ABC license for both nights.

What is your children and pet policy?

All children need to be supervised by an adult of your party at all times. Please ensure they are looked after well as we will not be held liable for children getting hurt. There is a pet fee. Pets need to be supervised – they are welcome at the wedding and all events, but you need to arrange they are cleaned up after and are on a leash at all times during your ceremony.

Do we have a rain plan?

Yes, we have a HUGE roof tent on our grounds with fairy lights comfortably seating 150 guests. Kindly discuss details when you meet us to view the venue. The tent must be confirmed 10 days in advance of the date needed as we need to book setting up the chairs and props inside as well as garden and landscaping care around the tent area etc.

We do have a parking lot and can cater for parking arrangements. We also have a disabled bay should that be required. We can also hire a parking attendant should you need one, just let us know – we have staff available. We have on-site parking for up to 120 guests. Parking on our property is to be done entirely at own risk. (walking from the nearest hotel is also possible as the nearest hotel is a 5 minute walk from us)

What Wedding Packages do you offer?

1) ELOPEMENT PACKAGE (Small Personal Event up to 25 guests) PRICE : from $350 to $550 to $2800 depending on guest count, duration of hours needed, season and DAY chosen.

(Saturdays are available for elopements only in Winter Months) (Week days or evenings are available for elopements throughout the year) (Sunday afternoons or evenings are available in off season months, not high season)

Elopement Packages of up to a max of 25 Guests (this is basically a small wedding package) includes:

PRICE : depends on SEASON, GUEST COUNT and Day chosen.

(For any questions  or to quote kindly us EMAIL US and we will get back to you promptly)


Basic Elopement Package (ONE HOUR -this is our smallest package) :

This package is for those who do not want to say their vows at an impersonal court house.

1 hour Wedding Ceremony at Greenock Manor

Choice of the ceremony outside at our wedding arbor or inside at our fire place

Use of white lanterns/shepherd hooks/mason jars/wedding signs/arbor etc for decor (our team will set this up) wedding chairs/photo props/welcome table

Price : Bride and Groom only $200 OR up to 10 guests $350 (After the ceremony the guests leave to celebrate at a local restaurant)

Optional extra add-on : use of our in house Wedding Officiant

(For any questions kindly us EMAIL US and we will get back to you promptly)


Extended Elopement Package (duration TWO HOURS and over night stay)

This package is for those who do not want to say their vows at an impersonal court house and want to enjoy the beauty and surrounding romantic atmosphere at Greenock a little longer

1 hour for the wedding ceremony at Greenock Manor

Choice of the ceremony outside at our wedding arbor or inside at our fire place

Use of white lanterns/shepherd hooks/mason jars/wedding signs/arbor etc for decor (our team will set this up) wedding chairs/photo props/welcome table

Photography hour after the ceremony for the bridal party and family

After the ceremony and photo hour (max 2 hours) the guests leave to celebrate at a local restaurant

The Bride and Groom returns that evening to stay the night in our Honeymoon Suite at Greenock Manor.

Price : Bride and Groom and up to 10 guests $550

Optional extra add-on : Use of our in house Wedding Officiant (ask us to quote)

(For any questions kindly us EMAIL US and we will get back to you promptly)

2) SUNDAY OR WEEK DAY WEDDING PACKAGE (Sunday to Thursday option)

3) WEEKEND GETAWAY WEDDING PACKAGE (from 10 to 130 guests)

4)  ALL INCLUSIVE WEEKEND GETAWAY WEDDING PACKAGE. A delightful weekend celebration!

Ps. We quote within 24 hours or quicker! Mention both your names, month, year and estimated guest count: CLICK HERE 

5) OFF-SEASON WEDDING PACKAGE (December through to mid March)

6) SATURDAY SINGLE DAY WEDDING PACKAGE (not available in Fall or Spring high season months) 

Any further questions on Wedding Packages or Prices : CONTACT CHANEL BY CLICKING ‘HERE’

What are Tables and Chairs do we have available? 

Fifteen 8 foot size Banquet Tables (seating 10 Guests per table) Total 150 Guests

6 six foot size Banquet Tables (seating 8 Guests per table) 48 guests

1 five foot Banquet Table (seating 6 Guests or works well as a DJ table)

1 decorative wrought iron Couples Table and 2 matching decorative chairs for the Bridal Couple at dinner

1 indoor Wedding Gifts Table

1 Square Glass Top 4ft Outdoor Table (easy to move or position) one can be used at the designated smoking area if needed.

1 Round 3ft Glass Top Table

2 Square 4ft Tables on the side Wrap-Around Balcony used for Cocktail Hour refreshments/appetisers.

1 indoor Antique Wedding Cake Table (in the Chandelier Banquet room) size Square 5ft (not for outdoors)

Please note if any extra tables are needed they should be hired in from Gibsons Rental who also supply the Linens.

Our in-house DJ’s bring in their own DJ table

Are there Hotels / Accommodations close by for our Guests?

Greenock Manor sleeps up to 14 adult guests. For large group bookings, we have the Comfort Inn diagonally across the road in walking distance. We also have the Holiday Inn /Roundhill Inn 5 minutes away. (These hotels have a large amount of rooms). For additional comfort we partner with a close network of local Bed and Breakfast Inns which we will happily refer you to (4 of which are less than 1 minute away).

Which Wedding Vendors do we recommend to help having a wonderful Wedding at Greenock?

Please see our list HERE