• Order of the Wedding Processional!

    One more thing to chat about as a couple and make a decision on is the order of the Wedding Processional! The Wedding processional refers to the order of who walks in what order down the isle at the beginning of your wedding ceremony. This group of special people usually include your wedding officiant, bridal […]

  • Last Minute Wedding Check List for Brides and Grooms

    The special day you have both been waiting for is about to arrive! Congratulations! To take off some pressure and help a little here is your last minute wedding survival kit check list : Have you got your wedding rings? Make sure to pack in your printed copy of your Marriage License A copy of […]

  • Should I get Wedding Insurance or Event Insurance

    When planning your wedding, this special day is by far probably the most important event you will ever put together. The difference between this event and all others is not only the expensive financial investment of this event, but also the deep emotional investment of this special day. Weddings and elopements usually cost anything from […]

  • What Does a Wedding Co-ordinator Do?

    The proposal is by far one of the most romantic moments and this is really the beginning of where wedding planning kicks off and starts! The first thing one needs to understand is that not all of us are experienced event planners. Some couples may be realtors, insurance experts, marketing executives and many many more. […]

  • Wedding Tips! To Tip or not to Tip!

    Wedding tips! To tip or not to tip! Just when you’ve paid off most of your wedding expenses you think oh my golly what’s happened to all the money honey?! You may then notice some of your wedding staff and wedding vendors eagerly waiting for a potential tip at the end of the night. To […]


    Here is an example of a SUNDAY WEDDING TIMELINE, Kindly ADJUST the times below to suit you, delete anything and add anything in that we may have skipped. Please copy and paste it into an email back to us. 12noon : Arrive and unpack (Groomsmen to unpack alcohol into the drinks shed, Bridesmaids to unpack […]

  • How to Budget for your Wedding

    How to budget for your Wedding – In other words have we got the money honey?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Donโ€™t be nervous as we said the ‘B’ for budget word! Most our dearly beloved couples are new at this and have not planned a wedding before. If it is your second wedding, things may have changed so […]

  • cheap wedding venue virginia


    Are you celebrating your wedding this year? If that is the case nerves may at some point start setting in! All your vendors play a very important role on the success of a stress free wedding. In case some of you are new at this, your vendors could be the following : DJ, Florist, Wedding […]

  • Country Wedding Venue

    Tips For Planning Your Wedding

    Here are a few tips to help plan your wedding day. Remember that putting a wedding together means hiring independent separate companies who all work at one single event – your wedding day. Experience and task clarification is essential when planning your wedding. Here are some basic guidelines: WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Be sure to have your […]