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    Historical Bed and Breakfast in Virginia

    I had a dream! Sound familiar? Well not quite as passionate and inspirational the dream that Dr Martin Luther King had, but it came from my heart all the same. Not many people may have heard of me, I am just an ordinary person born with a purpose and spent half my life travelling the world in search of home and ‘to reach the people I felt I was supposed to meet’. Born at the southern tip of Africa, spent 8 years mentoring business owners in the UK, and flocked across to the land of the brave and the free on the invitation of a very handsome man, my husband.

    So the story begins with my prayer…I asked the Lord, (as He does say if its in His will that He will give us the desires of our hearts) for a Victorian home situated deep in the southern countryside, a wrap around wooden balcony, and a lovely swing on the front porch. I wanted to hear the footsteps of happy visitors on the floorboards in the background, and at sunset watch the light change the colour of the hills as I breath in gratefulness of every blessing God sends us, His people and all his living creatures that sleep, dream and love- just like we do!

    So Dean and I set out one early morning to an auction. It was a random decision after 3 months research of the property market in Virginia. We arent rich and famous and yes drive a humble car, our pooch however is pedigree and we realise such class is just a little above ‘us two gym fundies with our tennis shoes’. The cars and crowds arrive and I whisper ‘Dean it’s in God’s hands so don’t be disappointed’ He only gives to us what is ours and what is not ours we don’t need to long or bother with. Turkish investors, and well known businessmen and women arrive from Washington DC – the bidding starts.

    We stood under the towering 100 year old oak trees while a ‘stern looking’, but professional gentleman starts to call prices out – at super top speed as if we are at the horse races! I sink shyly into my shoes and pray a prayer from my heart. Its ok not to have this house- I mean at the end of the day – it looks like the mansion from Gone With The Wind and I know I am not Scarlett O’Hara! (although as a child I ran around the forest and told the squirrels and birds I was)

    The auction was tense and yes we were outbid…or so I thought until a technical slip turned a miracle our way. It was as if for a moment my heart stopped beating. Are the crowds cheering for us? I said ‘Dean surely they don’t mean the house is ours?’ The rest felt like it was happening in slow motion as we signed to the smiles and somewhat envious eyes of all who were there that day.

    bed and breakfast in virginia

    Greenock Manor…a place where we hope to share inspiration, gratefulness, kindness and loving memories to all who visit us here. It is our new mission. Please visit us and pop in for a stroll in our gardens, I can show you where Col. Lee tethered his horse Traveller back in the days of the old Civil War or walk to our 50 foot towering Magnolia Tree! Dreams and prayers really do come true is what I ‘almost feel I am only able to whisper in order to keep my humility in check. Its as if we were given this huge gift and now we would like to share it with the local wonderful people in the area, our church and anyone who may want to share their wedding day steeped in history. Our new mission is to share and give. What more could bring more joy as its in giving that we receive.